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Welcome to the home of the award winning podcast Low Orbit, formerly known as Denver Orbit. Low Orbit is a highly produced audio magazine, which means it’s kind of like a glossy print magazine you put in your ears.
We produce and feature lots of different kinds of things here: documentary stories, radio style stories, memoir, fiction and non-fiction pieces, poetry, music, comedy, even the odd avant-garde soundscape from time to time. We want to provide a showcase for talented people to reach an new audience and a compelling show full of surprises for that audience.
So feel free to poke around at our archive of 40+ episodes while you’re here or just subscribe to Low Orbit into the podcast app of your choice.


Best podcast in Denver (Westword 2017)

Denver’s arts community is nothing if not eclectic, and Denver Orbit perfectly reflects the variety of creators who call the Mile High City home. Co-hosts Ryan Connell and Josh Mattison (who also acts as producer) are legitimate tastemakers, and their interests range far and wide, as indicated by the lineup of one recent episode: “Consent Means What Now?,” a story by Amanda EK, “Hey Man,” a song by Chella and the Charm, and “Defining Forward Momentum,” a poem by Alessandra Ragusin. The programs consistently introduce listeners to the sort of folks who make Denver a richer and more vibrant place to live.

9 Essential Denver Podcasts You Should Be Listening To. (303 Magazine 2019)

Denver Orbit is an award-winning podcast self-described as an “audio magazine.” Featuring the stories and music of local Denverites, this community-driven podcast always looks for stories, music, poetry and more. Don’t be thrown off by the automated voice that starts out each episode — there are real people telling stories after that initial intro. If you’re looking for a local, story-driven podcast for your commute, check them out.

“A Better Life?” plus five more great Colorado podcasts you should be listening to (The Denver Post 2020)

While producers describe Low Orbit (formerly Denver Orbit) as an audio magazine, we’re comfortable calling it a podcast, given its format and the range of issues it visits. Unlike most podcasts, it features documentary stories, radio plays, memoirs, music, comedy and poetry in its celebration of the local arts and culture scene.

Podcast Profiles: Josh Mattison of Denver Orbit (Westword 2017)

A wide-reaching compendium of local musicians, comedians, storytellers, and other artsy types, the Denver Orbipodcast offers listeners a wide-ranging audio sampling of Denver’s thriving arts community, carefully curated by producer Josh Mattison, who co-hosts the show with his friend Ryan Connell. Mattison, a multi-hyphenate local creative who also co-hosts and produces the nostalgia-challenging film podcast The Revisitors and runs design and layout at Birdy magazine, wanted to put a spotlight on the work of his talented peers, so he opened the doors to anyone interested in contributing their songs, stories, jokes, or any other audio segments to the show.

The Show

The Backyard Sessions

It’s work created and shared out in the open air this time. A couple of monologues from John Cotter A few poems from Elissa Gabbert And a few poems from Michael Joseph Walsh Contact Low Orbit – Email | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it? And it kind of is! That’s the easiest joke to make. Anyway… This episode features a piece from artist/illustrator Cori Redford. What’d I Miss is here. Here work at Suspect Press is here. Andrew Watson is shopping around a couple of novels. You can reach him …

Pure Love

Stories of love in all it’s complicated purity. Amanda EK has an excerpt from her book about purity culture. You can find Suspect Press here, her instagram here, here patreon for her book here, and website with her writing here. Find more of Ellen K Graham’s work here, Feral Assembly is here. Music in today’s …

Some Old Tunes

This episode is a (gasp) rerun. Of a sort. We’ve searched through the archives and found some stories about music. Mike Colletta tells us a tale of Norwegian Black Metal. His blog is called The Black Meddler and is here. Paul Epstein from Twist and Shout records talks about the nostalgia and the need to …

An Adjustment

Three stories in this one: The Last One by Jenny-Lynn Ellis. You can find her writing here. The Visit. Rae Solomon’s work at KUNC is here. Listen to range and slope here. Listen to Matthew Simonson’s work at NPR’s 1A here and The Untold Story: Policing here. Berry’s website Podcasts in Color is here, her …


Today we feature the life, death, and rebirth of the Cinderella City Mall. The story was told by Josh Goldstein of the Cinderella City Project. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can download the Cinderella City Mall simulation here at Github – v0.5.4 on Github. Call and share your story at 724-648-8968 Josh Goldstein …

Shimmer Aquarium

Today we have just one story – Shimmer Aquarium by John Cotter. The piece was performed by Lindsey Pierce at Stories on Stage. Contact Low Orbit – Email | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Monstrous Shapes

Professor Bradford Mudge stopped Orbit HQ right before social isolation to talk about contagion and horror in literature and movies. Contact Low Orbit – Email | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The Weight

We have stories of coping with loss and tragedy today. Producer Gray Newman has a story from his friend David Brice. You can find his NWS STND project here, his website here and his regular instagram here. Dr. Mairead Case’s piece was originally heard at The Pop Conference and published in Maggot Brain. Her website …

Now Change

We have stories of change today. Our first is from Denver photographer Kim Allen. You can find some of his work at buckfifty.org here, here and here. Our second story is from from Ellen Graham. You can find her work at feralassembly.com Our music today came from Blue Dot Sessions Our documentary about the murder …


Hello! Denver Orbit is now Low Orbit. And you’re listening to it. This episode features Joe Coradlo talking about Robert Stanley and his ejection seat factory. You can find the video of the Yankee Egress System here. We also have a poem from the one and only Brice Maiurro. Brice Maiurro is a poet from …

Low Orbit Promo

Hi! Denver Orbit is changing! A little bit. We’re now Low Orbit. We’re still featuring voices, stories and sounds from Colorado’s creative community but we’re also opening up to voices, stories and sounds from anywhere in the world. Same show! Just slightly different. The voices you hear in this promo are Tom Murphy, Josh Goldstein …

Episode Forty: The Void

Today I’m getting out of the way and letting the podcast The Void take over. Sarah Dealy and Jamie Billings are Denver locals and the producers/hosts of The Void. Music and Sound Design by Brady BillingsOriginal illustrations for each episode by Taylor Turnbull can be found on instagram @thevoidpodcast Editing help by Arielle Milkman Subscribe to The Void on iTunes here. Their …

Episode Thirty-Nine: The Order of Death

Today we are featuring the first episode of a documentary project we’ve been working on called The Order of Death. It’s about the murder of Denver area talk radio host Alan Berg and the people and ideology behind it. Listen to the rest by subscribing to The Order of Death in whatever podcast app you …

Episode Thirty-Eight: Life in Miniature

Shannon Geis brings us a story about utopia from artist Becky Wareing-Steele. You can view Utopia: A New Society for All until November 3rd at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Find more from Becky at her facebook, instagram and website. Find Shannon Geis here at her website. The Order of Death can be found …

Episode Thirty-Seven: From the Nineties

We’ve got Brandi Homan reading from her novel Burn Fortune. She’s on twitter! Buy Burn Fortune here. And then there’s Christopher Rosales. Find his website here. Buy Word is Bone here! And that’s it! More soon friends. Contact Denver Orbit – Email | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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